Razor Haircut

Military cuts, Head shaves, Hot towels, and after shave included!

At Hair Cut Errs , we take razor haircuts very seriously and do not offer it to just any client who walks in and asks for it. Why? Unless a customer likes their hair messy, with jagged ends, or they have very thick and coarse hair, there are very specific instances where it would be a good time to pick up the razor.

Razor hair cutting produces movement a lot of people do not have naturally. To those with flat hair, it can bring out waves and curls you thought you would never have without a perm. Depending on the look you want, we leave it at the discretion of our stylists to consider all shaving services we offer and whether to proceed with the use of a razor or the scissors.

The outcome is a haircut you will be proud of and will make us your barber shop of choice in Evans Mills, NY because we put you first.